CoT Bell

The CoT Bell is an automated device for notification, authorization, locking and unlocking of the door. Nowadays, a good amount of the human workforce can be replaced by an automated device. Moreover, humans are more prone to errors, with the probability of error increasing in intensive conditions; whereas, an automated device can work with versatility, diligence and with almost zero error.

The door bell for household that created smarter with sophisticated sensors to detect , identify , match what not. The application of the CoT Bell includes - Home Security,  Industrial Security. CoT Bell uses our face detection service from CoT Platform ,which is an integrated service designed to be enabled and used with CoT Bell, application, which can be accessed and used anywhere from house holds to large scale industries.


The CoT Bell system is designed for remote control and accessibility into a home environment for authenticated people only. The system is designed for security purposes. It has a simple working principle:

A PIR sensor able to detect the presence of nearby objects (or persons) without any physical contact acts as a trigger to the camera. The camera captures the image of the person standing in front of the door in the range of the PIR sensor. If the person is an authorized user of the CoT Bell, the servomotor automatically unlocks the door. If it's an unauthorized user, the captured image is sent to the email of the registered user, who is probably away from home, for identification and authentication. If the user wants that person to enter his home, he can unlock the door through his mobile app, otherwise, it remains locked. This increases great security for homes without human intervention.

Smart home security control systems have become indispensable in daily life. The design and development of a home security system, based on human face recognition technology and use of a remote monitoring technology to confirm visitor identity and control door accessibility has been addressed in this product.

CoT Bell connects Wi-Fi or network cable. After visitor presses Call button, Smart phone interacts with doorbell via real time video, full duplex talk, take photos, take videos, Indoor doorbell ring and remind the user. CoT Bell connect the electric Lock directly or by unlock control. Smart phone and remote control, RFID card can unlock. User can monitor the gate via phone anytime anywhere.